Group Coaching Programs- Personal & Professional

Rewiring Your Core Wound Patterns

This 3 month course is a small group coaching program focused on identifying and creating your core wound map and then creating a proactive way to create new neural pathways directly related to your wounds.

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"I spent years in therapy going over the same sad story without any real progress. Leaving each session feeling doomed, ashamed and stuck in a rut. After only two sessions with JJ I felt inspired, hopeful, in control of my life and ready to conquer all the challenges that came my way. I am so passionate about the tools I've gained as a direct result of JJ's expertise, that I enrolled in JJ's Empowerment course. I am truly blessed not only to have gained the knowledge and skills to co-create my best life, but to empower others to do the same. Thanks JJ Much Love" Libby S.

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"Two years into the Inner Circle Mastermind and I’m still learning and growing. When we sat down to work on my business and my goals, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always known JJ to be a “get it done” type of person but she lit a fire in me after our session. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running a business and she can see in you the possibilities, even if you can’t see them yourself. I walked away from that day with a plan to carry me through the end of the year and a calendar full of things I needed to do to work that plan. I’m really looking forward to my second VIP Day in a few months and am excited to plan out the remainder of the year and beyond!" Dee A.

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"This group is a great ray of light especially in the current climate. You all of a sudden have a tribe of like-minded individuals and we all help each other when one is having a hard time with something." Veronica

"I’m part of this group and I would absolutely recommend it. JJ is a wealth of knowledge and she imparts so much wisdom to us in a clear and concise way. We go over books in depth that teach us about our limitations, the way we hold ourselves back, and we are constantly learning to grow and expand. Since joining, I’ve already released self imposed blocks and I learn so much.' Melissa R

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How to Start, Grow and Scale a Conscious Business

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Coming 2024!