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I know you’re going to be so excited to dive into this book for all these new concepts that I promise you haven’t seen before. And if you have, this will be a new way of looking at them.

So what happens when you buy a book? You read it. You get excited. You gravitate to one thing that really calls to you and speaks to you, and then you do that one thing. And then what? Do you continue to take action on all the other things in the book, or do you sort of forget about it and move on to the next thing?


I’ve created a five-month program called the Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation. It is specifically designed to take you through each one of the secrets in the book in a sequential way that will allow you to adapt your lifestyle to the choices I’m telling you to make and to the things I’m suggesting that you do. So rather than read a book and then do something really dramatic and get some results or not, and then eventually walk away from it, I wanted to support your ability to actually make these changes and commit and be accountable to doing all of them.

  • Aren’t you tired of doing program after program?
  • Aren’t you ready to really take this on as a life-changing transformation?
  • Aren’t you ready to get results that you don’t have to wonder if they’re going to go away because you’re actually making real change?

I want to support you on that.

The Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation is a five-month program. That’s a commitment. It’s a commitment because this isn’t going to be overnight. Do you think that your habits got created yesterday? The things that you’ve been doing all this time has led you to today. How are we going to change that in one week or two weeks or on a detox program? We’re not.

Each one of these points, all five of these secrets, just one of them can be life-transformational. Imagine what would happen if you actually committed to becoming accountable, to implementing and living each one of them. I’ve designed the program so that you get it in the right order. You follow a very specific set of guidelines each week. They’re little tidbits of things that you can do instead of some big “change everything in your life” that never ever sticks.

How many times have you gone on some crazy diet for two weeks because “Oh, it’s only two weeks,” or some crazy exercise and diet program that lasted maybe 60 days or 90 days, but towards the end you started to fall off because it was too much too soon? Well, this gets handed to you very simply. You get one little thing at a time. It’s very easy to accomplish. You get accountability and support every step of the way, so you don’t miss a thing.

If you are really ready for transformation, you’re tired of doing a new program every year, you really want to find the right thing that’s going to make the big difference in your life, that one thing that’s going to go, “Oh my gosh. This is it. This is what I’ve been missing. This is why nothing else has worked,” I invite you on our transformation. Take this book. Take this information. Take this opportunity to connect with yourself and to be accountable for it.

Buying a book is nice, and I appreciate that you’re interested in the Invisible Fitness Formula, and I’m so glad that you bought it. But do you want to use it, or do you want to look at it? Do you want to read it one time and put it down and walk away from it, or do you want this book to change your life? I do, and so I’m encouraging you to get on the Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation. Take the five-month journey. I promise that you will learn at least one thing every month, if not 10 things every month that you haven’t learned before, that you haven’t tried before, that you haven’t committed to before.

Isn’t it time? Aren’t you ready? Aren’t you worth it? Come join me on the Invisible Fitness Formula five-month transformation. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

When you start The Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation, you'll discover:

  • How to understand and uncover the truth about what's been sabotaging your body-changing efforts.
  • How to gain the inner peace and self-acceptance that act as catalysts for change.
  • How to finally feel at home in your body, which brings you more peace, happiness, energy, and vitality.
  • Trigger foods to avoid: those that trigger inflammation, create water weight, and those your body has trouble digesting (and therefore zap your energy).
  • Foods that support your energy and taste good, so you improve your health without feeling deprived.
  • Why you might be wasting your time with your exercise program, and the one thing it must include if you want to finally see results.
  • Strategies that increase your metabolism and allow you to burn more calories at rest.
  • Where to find answers about why you have trouble sleeping, experience brain fog, feel stressed, anxious, or sluggish, and how to eat to repair these problems, naturally.
  • How to slow down the aging process, naturally.
  • A process for identifying the root causes of your addictive behaviors, problem-solve those behaviors in a healthy way, and break free of them so you can live healthy and happy. 

You will start to heal your relationship with your body and begin to transform your body as a result.

How much is it worth to you to finally take a holistic approach to changing your body, one that actually works? 

I believe it's invaluable.

As Jeanne Peters, Registered Dietician, says in the Foreword of The Invisible Fitness Formula, "True health is not just about the weight you release, it's about the life you gain in the process." 

This program has the potential to give you back a life you love—from the inside out.

Right now, you have a choice: 

You can continue on as you have been, using tools that treat you like a bank account and do not address every aspect of you, as a person. You can continue to struggle, to work so hard for minimal results, to feel hopeless and despair. 

Or, you can choose a new path. Start The Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation and begin to uncover and manage the root causes of your struggles while eating for balance and exercising efficiently.   You can transform your relationship with yourself, and transform your body. 

I know what I'd choose! 

What you get when you start the Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation

  • Short weekly videos introducing the focus of the week
  • Short audio only lessons if you need to learn on the go
  • Support materials to focus you one step at a time and keep you on track
  • 3 Months of Community, Coaching and Support in the Invisible Fitness Academy
  • Recipes and exercises to create your program and keep you satisfied and excited about healthier eating
  • Specialized emotional and subconscious clearing work from our expert advisors to clear away stuck energy that sabotages you
  • Short hypnosis and meditation tracks to get you centered and calm as well as to clear away nervous energy 

You get all of this for 5 months-=20 weeks

Special Offer:

  • 5 Month Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation = value $ 2000
  • 5 Months Accountability and Community in The Invisible Fitness Academy= value $150
  • Copy of The Invisible Fitness Formula= $20
  • The ability to repeat the 5 month program at no extra charge 2-3 times= $ priceless!

Total Value:  $2250

Special Introductory Price $697.00

Or 3 easy payments of $250.00 

I look forward to walking with you on your new path.

Now is the time to be brave and courageous and accept yourself as you are, right now. When you do, you empower yourself to find happiness within—rather than in a certain number on a scale or measuring tape. Take back your happiness. Start The Invisible Fitness Formula Transformation now. 

You are worth it. 


How many times have you done a fitness, wellness, weight loss program, you got results, and then you kind of fell off the wagon and you gained it back or you reverted to your old habits that you did in the past?

One of the reasons that people fail in actually trying to make lifestyle change is that they’re missing very key components.

The first component is accountability. If you don’t have accountability, who’s checking in on you? Why would you change your habits? You are very rooted in your habits. In order to change those habits, you need accountability to make sure you’re making the appropriate changes or doing whatever is necessary in order for you to let go of and release what isn’t working for you.

How many times do you think, “Oh, I’m going to do this on my own.”? And maybe you have the willpower. Maybe you’re very left-brained, you’re very strategic, and you know “I can do this. I can make this happen.” And so you make it happen, until you run out of steam. Then you run out of steam and you hit the wall of what you know and what you can do.

Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” You only know what you know. You have limitations. You can’t see what you can’t see. Having accountability and support allows you to expand beyond that which you’re not even aware of potentially. So the first thing is accountability. You’ve got to be accountable to get stuff done. And the most successful people in all aspects of life understand that.

You’ve heard of athletes who have not only one. They’ve got a business coach and a chiropractor and a massage therapist and a physical trainer and a life coach. They have all of this support to keep them at the top of their game. They’ve invested in themselves to say, “I’m important, and I haven’t been able to do this yet by myself. I must need someone else to see something I can’t see and to help me overcome the things that don’t work for me, that I have not been able to do by myself.”

You need accountability. You also need an expertise and support in the areas that you aren’t schooled in. I’ve been working with clients my whole life. And many people, when I introduce them into their body, they feel a little bit of shame, as if somehow they’re supposed to know how to contract their muscle or how to think about it with their brain. But who’s teaching you this? You’re not supposed to know this unless you’ve studied it.

And there’s a lot of aspects to study when it comes to transformation in your body and releasing weight.

You’ve got biochemistry. You’ve got physics. You’ve got anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, joint integrity, joint anatomy. Then we’ve got neurotransmitter education. How does that work? And your digestion. How does that work? And your immunity. Then we move into physics with resistance, and then psychology. There’s a lot to be learned when it comes to how to change you. So you need that professional support and the education. So you need accountability and you need support. And then the last thing that is crucial to making real, sustaining life change is a community. How many times have you done a program by yourself and went to work or been in your house with your family or with your friends, and you’re the only person doing this, and it’s really hard because everyone else is doing something different or they’re not doing it at all?

And so you feel restricted. You feel like you want to be doing what they’re doing. This is too hard to say no to all the things that they’re doing, and it undermines what it is you’re looking for. You want change, but you keep surrounding yourself with people who are not on the same path as you.

And I’m not saying get rid of all your friends or your family, or stop hanging out with everybody. But in order for you to start a new way of being, you have to be surrounded by people who are also on the same journey or have already gotten there, someone to inspire you that they’ve done it, too. If they can do it, you can do it. You can’t discount a community.

Once, I was told to think about it in terms of a fire and charcoals, right? If you have a fire in charcoal and then you blow it out, because all the charcoals are hot and they stay together, they stay hot longer. If you remove a charcoal from the group and set it aside, it will cool down a lot faster because it doesn’t have the rest of it supporting and maintaining that momentum of heat that was created. In order for you to continue having the momentum of heat, you need a community.

Without accountability, support, and community, any effort that you’re doing may not result in true transformation.

I invite you to check out the Invisible Fitness Academy. We are dedicated to your support, your accountability, and building a community of like-minded people on the same journey where you get to try new things. You get to be vulnerable and explore new ways of being with a community of people who will support you in that, not judge you, not try to sabotage you because they’re afraid of all the progress that you’re making, or they’re threatened by the new ways of thinking that you’re doing, or the new ways of eating that you’re doing, or the mindfulness practices that you’re incorporating in your life.

They won’t be threatened because they’re on the same journey.

So I invite you, if you want true transformation, come to the Invisible Fitness Academy where not only are we a community; you get coaching and support.

"JJ is the most holistic trainer/coach I have ever worked with. Although I view her specialty as being in the areas of exercise and diet, she has the gift of seeing ALL areas of my life and how they work together to support or sabotage me. JJ supported me in losing 35 pounds and assisted me in bringing light into the blind spots that I had not seen for many years. She taught me how shame kept me locked in a vicious cycle that kept me stuck for many years. JJ is all about accepting you right where you are and starting from there through compassion and loving empowerment!"

Audre Nelson, LMFT

"I lost more than 25 pounds, lost two pants sizes and gained strength as well as flexibility. There is no doubt that I could not have achieved the weight loss without JJ’s innovative and ever changing exercise program. JJ’s routines are highly effective as well as being sensitive not to aggravate old injuries. Put all this together, assures me that I am in very good hands indeed. In short, she is a keeper."

Dr. Michael Schapa

"I have worked with JJ for about 2 years now, and have come to value her opinion highly. She is a holistic person, looking at all parts of your life to improve and make you better. Mind, spirit, body and diet for me! I had broken a leg and hip years earlier from a bike accident. It left me with many issues, shorter leg, damaged muscle tissue and a bad foot from walking oddly. She has worked around this, and strengthened my leg, and core so I am stronger and able to hike 5 to 7 miles. I am skiing better than I have in 15 years. Thanks JJ for helping me improve my life!"

Morgan Holt

"I lost 11 pounds, 6% body fat and 5.5 inches! During the school year, I used to make excuses about how I couldn't fit in exercise and now I commit every week to it and find the time in my schedule that I used to think I didn't have. I also have learned to be more gentle with myself. I would recommend this to people who want to be really honest with themselves and are ready for change. You are very good at what you do! You have helped me in so many ways. I really appreciate everything I have learned and feel great about the results I have gotten. I have more confidence now that I can continue on this path for even more!"

Kristin B.


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