The 30 Day Manifestation Challenge

The 30 Day Manifestation Challenge
A guided daily practice plus community that will strengthen your ability to attract your hopes and dreams!

Is meditating not working for you?

Want something more activating?

Have a vision board you never use?

Join the next 30 Day Manifestation Challenge!

Next Challenge Starts on  March 1, 2019

Must be registered before: February 25, 2019

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Audios and materials provided such as:

Weekly guided meditation

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Personalized feedback and coaching!

"Little did I know that joining the Manifestation Challenge would be a life-changing experience-the result was an incredible mental and emotional high. When I received some devastating personal news, thanks to JJ and the group, I was equipped with a new, positive outlook and support that would help me face this setback. I have never been as strong — mentally, emotionally and even physically — as I have been this last month and I attribute it all to the 30 Day Manifestation Challenge."

Kacey S.

"When I started the challenge with JJ, my dogged pursuit to expand my income was all about doing. The manifestation reinforced the importance of spending an equal amount of time on my 'being', and opening to receiving abundance. I landed more than $10,000 in new business during the last challenge. Through active visualization and chakra cleansing, meditation tools and personal guidance, JJ has helped me reframe my limiting beliefs and better understand the law of attraction. She has emboldened me to take more action, and most importantly to believe in the power of me."

Richard D.

"JJ gave me tools to strongly reconsider where my energy goes and because of this experience I feel empowered to go to the next level."

Kris M.

"Today was unbelievable if I am honest! This morning I did the chakra clearing, then hours later I got a call requesting an interview for a job! A great opportunity fell into my lap out of nowhere! This works!"

Stacey C.

"The manifestations have been pouring in! I got a free scalp massage for my birthday at the place I got my haircut, I got a check for $20 from something I had no idea about, my boss has given me an appointment for a massage and I got a free Sephora gift card all in one day! I have really used this time of the challenge to take care of myself-really loving myself. In doing that, I have had so much abundance. Thank you!"

Alison A.

"I LOVED the visualization exercise... I got major tingles all through my body, giggled a bit because I felt really great, and saw some colors. Felt really great afterwards all day!"

Susan F.

"Almost instantly after I did my visualization in my hotel room at a conference, I manifested the information, solution and products I needed to help 3 complicated clients of mine that I had been struggling with. So fun and exciting for me to manifest this connection!"

Jeanne P.

"I wanted to reach out and express how much I appreciated the free month long manifestation challenge. As a mother of two toddlers, a small business owner, and a two year cancer survivor, first finding your podcasts; then participating in the challenge with you was truly life changing. I was so impressed with how much one on one contact we had with you, and how involved we all became in supporting each other. You were constantly uplifting and supporting us throughout the month, while never pressuring. I appreciated how open we could be with our time commitment to it, doing as much or as little as we chose. Since the challenge I have noticed such a significant difference in my daily thoughts and feelings. I find I am MUCH more relaxed and able to handle almost all situations in a calmer manor, having almost no “knee jerk” reactions. Thank you SO much for offering this challenge. It was truly enjoyable and uplifting. I am really looking forward to the upcoming September challenge."


"I have been hesitant to share my experiences thus far. Mostly because I am new to this, although I now know that on a subconscious level I have been using the law of attraction my whole life. But, holy crap! In the past 18 days, I have seen so many crazy wild and wonderful things happen! On day one, I asked for a vacation and within hours found myself booking not 1 but 3! Just yesterday I learned that an unexpected $10,000 check would be coming my way. I have seen negative people literally drop out of my life. But most importantly, and what I wanted most, was to deepen the relationship with my boys. I couldn't be more grateful. "

Leah S.


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