Testimonials from past events:

"What an amazing weekend! A true awakening of mind, body and soul! I thank you so much for your wisdom, dedication and souls- you have given me so much that I will take with me forever!"

Mardi Planich

"It is one of those weekends that you get much more than you expected!"

Laura Fischer

"The weekend will play a pivotal role in my transition into the person I want to be and accepting the woman I am."

Trisha Seminoff

"I learned so very much. It was amazing. I realized I need to love myself the way I love others. I tried so many new foods and went way out of my comfort zone."

Jennifer Norwood

"The opportunity to look inside myself and find the missing and lost parts of me was my favorite part of the weekend. It was fun and serious- a great opportunity to reconnect with my inner self and to meet such wonderful women."

Marilyn Gladle

"JJ and Jeanne are an uplifting and dynamic duo. The complementary style and knowledge left me with the tools and motivation I yearned for to make a difference in only 3 days!"

Cathy Gardner

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