Testimonials from past events:

"I did not know what to expect from this experience - but I knew I had to attend for reasons beyond what I can effectively share. I LOVE goal setting and planning for the new year - and because I had just turned 50 when I attended this retreat, I was in a highly reflective place. JJ's retreat was beyond amazing because the agenda covered many of the areas I needed to focus on in my life right now. And I was able to connect with amazing presenters and other participants who I will remember forever. I work in higher education, so I have both facilitated and participated in dozens of retreats in the past 25 years. This one...was the best. Without a doubt. Just GO. You will not be sorry."

Kris McPeak

"Thank you again for offering the workshop of Releasing what weighs you down. I had major breakthroughs at the workshop. In the time that I attended the workshop, I felt I was in a safe place to open up and through the different methods and tools offered, I came to a deeper understanding of pain and shut doors I was guarding. After years of meditation, this workshop for me was worth years of therapy. I guess I was ready and thank you JJ for having the courage and stand in the gap to give this workshop! I felt that through your vulnerability you showed me to be vulnerable is ok and honorable and feel safe. Thank you JJ!"

Adrienne Blenderman

"This past year I have been on a journey dealing with a health issue regarding my thyroid and medications from my doctor. This journey led me to getting off my medications and going 100% holistic. I’m happy to say my body is healing and I’m learning to navigate a whole new world of gluten free and dairy free eating. When I heard about JJ’s retreat on “Releasing what weighs you down”, I thought wonderful……..what perfect timing! I love how things come to you when you’re ready for them. The retreat exceeded my expectations. I loved how it was so well rounded. I learned about nutrition, fitness; moving my body in a whole new way, energy healing, astrology, how foods heal us, to creating a mantra unique for us. I learned so much, and took so many pearls away from this retreat. I highly recommend JJ’s retreats, and I’m already bought my ticket for her next one. Thank you JJ for all your wisdom and inspiration."

Krista Scott

"JJ is such an inspiration! She has so much knowledge and her passion shows thru! This retreat was just what i needed to reset and take action on what has been holding me back. She created a safe space where i felt i could be supported and not judged! All the speakers were fantastic and I loved the size of the group! Hearing everyone's stories made me feel like i was not alone! I feel so greatful i was able to be around like minded people and create a new community and tribe. She even made sure all the food was organic, gluten and dairy free so we can feel our best throughout the weekend! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to release whats no longer serving them and take charge of their life!"

Elena Wilkie

"It's hard to name just one take away! The first was feeling safe to be vulnerable in the space you created with all the people who attended. It was wonderful to meet such friendly, supportive, and like-minded people and be a part of that community for a weekend. It was unlike anything I'd ever been a part of before and opened my eyes to the need I have to create a similar tribe & space in my daily life. Thanks so much for hosting Releasing What Weighs You Down and for your continued support, you are very much appreciated."

Kara S.

"JJ and Jeanne are an uplifting and dynamic duo. The complementary style and knowledge left me with the tools and motivation I yearned for to make a difference in only 3 days!"

Cathy Gardner


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