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Fitness & Health Consultation

“Before JJ, I was regularly working out in my garage on my equipment getting nowhere. I have always been active and exercised, so I thought I knew what I was doing. I also had knee pain, back pain and a few pounds to lose. It's now been 8 years and I have not only worked with JJ over the phone and one on one in person, I even hired her to create a Wellness Program for my company. My knee pain was alleviated within the first few months, I released 10 lbs easily and I feel stronger and faster on the ski slopes than I have in years. JJ Flizanes is not only my trainer, she is my confident, shrink, strategist, nutritionist and counselor. Her knowledge and wisdom goes beyond the sciences of the body. And I wouldn't trust my joints to anyone else- I need them to keep up with my active lifestyle.” Jody Lay

Astrological Health Analysis

"I've never had such a comprehensive consultation with a trainer as I did with JJ. I truly appreciate her mind body soul holistic approach to health and wellness. I've always had an interest in learning more about my astrological chart but never understood where to start and never thought it would reveal so much valuable information. After JJ did my chart and shared my personalized details I was blown away by the accuracy and immediately starting connecting the dots on why I do and respond the way I do. After just one meeting, I've already felt the value of her insight, direction & methods, she is truly passionate about discovering what motivates & hinders her clients on an individual basis." Erin H.

Astrological Relationship Review

"JJ has a lovely and easy way to interpret astrology charts. She is accurate and definitely helped me understand my partner and the way he reacts and moves through life, way better. This helps me take things less personally within the realm of romantic relationship, and that makes me a better partner in return!" Karin A. Registered Nurse and Reiki Master

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Upper Limits

Life Purpose

Law of Attraction



Business Building

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"JJ is the most holistic trainer/coach I have ever worked with. Although I view her specialty as being in the areas of exercise and diet she has the gift of seeing ALL areas of my life and how they work together to support or sabotage me. JJ takes my lifestyle into consideration rather than trying to change my lifestyle to fit her philosophy. This has been my experience a lot in the past with other trainers/nutritionists. And did I stick with them…NOPE. Because JJ has the ability to work with my lifestyle starting where I’m at, she is the only trainer that I have returned to over and over for tune-ups over the years. I never feel judged by her. I feel accepted RIGHT WHERE I’M AT when in her presence and we always start from there and that’s the biggest gift to me. Sometimes it’s hard for even me to accept myself where I’m at. So, she takes the first step and I follow. JJ has a unique balance of nudging me to live a healthier lifestyle without having me feel judged. I don’t know how she does it but this is one of her many gifts that I experience in each communication with her. JJ supported me in losing 35 pounds and assisted me in bringing light into the blind spots that I had not seen for many years. She is a true motivator that is committed to her clients."

Audre N.

"JJ has made a wonderful difference in my fitness. While I have been active all my adult life, I am stronger today than I was five years ago even though I am approaching my mid 60s. She taught me to make my workout time much more effective by tuning into what the muscles and joints are doing. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and she continues to find ways to workout safely and effectively. I am convinced that the quality of my aging is so much better. She is very clear that fitness begins with how and what we think in nearly every aspect of life. I give more thought to what my options are now than to what my limitations might be."

Cindi Holt

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